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Designed to go to extremes

July 5, 2016

location: Cervera, Lleida, Spain

challenge: How can a steel wire factory increase its productivity and performance?

solution: By making use of heavy-duty cranes that can run 24/7 and operate in high temperature environments – at full capacity.


Lifting equipment in the steel industry is subject to tough conditions. While hoisting difficult and heavy loads is a given, cranes are sometimes required to function for long periods of time or perform in high and variable ambient temperatures. Reliable and versatile material handling solutions are essential to the metalworking process as a whole.

After new furnaces were mounted on one of their ships in Cervera, a city in the Catalonian province of Lleida, EXELFIL, S.A. set out to find heavy-duty machines to carry out work in this rather challenging environment. Two cranes were necessary: one to enhance the annealed steel wire production process and the other to unload the coils.


As the individual responsible for the production floor, Josep Maria Grau, Chief of the Technical Department at the Spanish steel wire manufacturer, was in charge of looking for the right supplier. “We needed a crane that could work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, but we also needed to be sure that the crane could withstand high temperatures,” he says.

According to Grau, Konecranes best met all the requirements of the project, adding that the lifting equipment specialist provided a solution tailored precisely to their specifications. EXELFIL, S.A. soon acquired two cranes: a CXTD 2.5TN, a standard crane to transport coil products, and a CXTS 5TN, which has a lifting speed of 10 meters per minute and therefore comes equipped with an FEM M6 engine and anti-derailment detector slack rope.


For equipment running in very hot areas, such as foundries or heat treatment plants, the important consideration is not the temperature at the source of heat but rather the temperature of the air immediately surrounding the crane components. Fortunately, since the cranes were installed and first called to action in September 2009, they have been working at full capacity, meeting or exceeding the customer’s expectations and fulfilling the crane’s mission to help EXELFIL, S.A. increase its productivity and performance.

“We were very clear on what we wanted and Konecranes understood and delivered exactly what we asked for,” concludes Grau.


Text: Gino de la Paz
Photo: Konecranes





  •  Speed was essential to increase the production process. The cranes’ FEM M6 engine, an especially powerful motor, fit the bill.
  •  Konecranes crane components are the highest quality available for steel mill applications. Gears and wheels are hardened and ground to DIN 6/AGMA Class 11 standards to offer wear life that is unsurpassed by other crane manufacturers.
  •  Each lifting application in a steel mill presents its own challenges. A total design approach helps meet the goal of reducing or eliminating traditional steel mill crane maintenance problems such as dirt, heat, machinery access, and limited time for maintenance.