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Extended warranty packages give customers peace of mind

March 22, 2017

The Konecranes CXT NEO crane is designed to be an accurate and energy-efficient advanced lifting solution, and the step-less hoisting speeds are intended to provide our wide range of customers with first-rate, precise control and increased safety.

Ponsse specializes in the production, sales and maintenance of forest machines. In December of 2014, Konecranes delivered two CXT NEO cranes to Ponsse’s service facility in Rovaniemi, one of several sites the company has all over Finland. The delivery marked the first time an order combined a crane with the TRUCARE Plus warranty and service package.

“The main reason for acquiring CXT NEO cranes was their lifting process precision, which was geared toward increasing  safety in the facilities. After we realized the quality of Konecranes’ service, we extended the warranty agreement on all our NEO equipment,” says Tapio Janatuinen, Facilities Maintenance Manager at Ponsse.

Ponsse decided to purchase the TRUCARE Plus extended warranty package for all its cranes at Rovaniemi, as these cranes are the most strained by considerable tasks.  The quality of the cranes, combined with the increased assurance provided by the additional coverage, has impressed workers.

“The CXT NEO cranes are extremely accurate and reliable even when dealing with larger loads,” says Hannu Pohtila, who works in maintenance at Ponsse’s Rovaniemi service location.

The performance and precision demands of Ponsse are echoed by the Hamburg-based piping, container and plant construction company Kliewe GmbH. Due to the expansion of its production facilities, the German company required powerful yet flexible cranes. The CXT NEO cranes were a good fit not just for the time being, but for many years to come.

The joystick allows our staff to better operate the cranes and makes diagonal movements in the hall possible.

“We opted for the CXT NEO model, as this crane adjusts its speed to the working weight. The new remote control for the CXT NEO was particularly remarkable. The joystick allows our staff to better operate the cranes and makes diagonal movements in the hall possible. It’s the ideal solution for us,” says Thomas Kliewe, Managing Director of Kliewe GmbH.

Kliewe’s new facility sets very specific requirements upon its cranes and the company’s broad portfolio places high demands on production. CXT NEO cranes are designed to meet such demand in a safe and efficient way, while providing longstanding durability.

“Another exciting aspect is the extended warranty, along with the web-based remote maintenance service available via the customer portal. This has provided a longer service life of the equipment and faster response times,” concludes Kliewe.


Text: Alex Yletyinen
Photos: Konecranes, Ponsse