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Konecranes ROS receives an award – for making work safer and more pleasant

February 14, 2017

Konecranes Remote Operating Station (ROS) has been awarded the Fennia Prize Honourable Mention for its design and user experience excellence.

Konecranes Remote Operating Station was launched at the end of 2016. Shortly after its introduction, it was acknowledged in the Fennia Prize, one of the most notable design competitions in Finland. Organized every second year, the Fennia Prize recognizes companies and organizations that achieve unique results through design.

Put simply, ROS is a new interface that allows a worker to operate cranes remotely from an office-like setting. It opens up new kinds of possibilities both for workers and a plant’s operations. The Konecranes ROS is well suited to industrial environments such as waste-to-energy plants, among others, since it reduces an operator’s exposure to potential hazards in such surroundings.

The jury applauded the ROS’s ergonomics and user-friendliness. These are enabled by the combination of a multifunctional electronic desk, camera-based visuals and functional controls.

“Superior user experience is a key for success in modern material handling. The Fennia Prize Honourable Mention is a great achievement for the ROS solution and its development team,” says Johannes Tarkiainen, Industrial Design Manager at Konecranes.

The ROS makes it possible to operate several cranes from a single workstation, a feature that judges likewise noticed. For those who control heavy equipment, this means that their day-to-day tasks become more pleasant and less strenuous, which improves workplace satisfaction.

ROS users have also mentioned other advantages.

“Sway Control and Protected Area technology have increased the safety and ease of maneuvering grab cranes in particular,” says crane operator Kari Markkanen from the Riikinvoima waste-to-energy plant.

The Fennia Prize is Finland's biggest design competition for companies and organizations. It aims to support the creation of high-standard products and services in all industries.  Finnish groups are handpicked for their innovative use of design in product development and manufacturing.

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Text: Varpu Varpela
Photo: Konecranes