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January 20, 2016

“Our mission statement at Konecranes is ‘Not just lifting things, but entire businesses.’ This pretty much sums up our ongoing aim, to help our customers in their manufacturing processes and material handling to achieve their goals of higher productivity and a more efficient supply chain,” writes Mikael Wegmüller, Editor-in-Chief of Way Up.

Our latest issue examines the state of US manufacturing, which has seen a steady rise in the number of factory jobs in recent years. Can the industry finally bounce back from the 2008 financial crisis?

With dramatic population growth forecast and vast untapped economic and agricultural potential, Africa appears set to capitalize on its assets in the 21st century.


Improved governance and macroeconomic management have been hailed as critical factors behind the continent’s continued development across the last decade.

Gamification is the craft of deriving engaging elements found typically in games and thoughtfully applying them to real-world activities. A pioneer in the field talks about whether it is another business trend or a powerful means to enhance efficiency and quality of work.

If you are interested in reading more about what technology has to offer the manufacturing and material handling business, download the PDF here.


Text: Gino de la Paz
Photo: Shutterstock