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The real cost of crane downtime

May 22, 2017

If one of your cranes goes down, how much is it really costing you? Konecranes easy-to-use Downtime Calculator takes various figures into account, from employee costs to operational overhead charges, and computes the total hourly cost when a piece of equipment stops running.

The Downtime Calculator is available on Downtime is defined as the total time interval between when a crane goes down to when it is fully operational again. This period includes time for set-up, repair and travel. It also involves any rework time necessary after initial repairs have been completed.

The benefit of using a downtime calculator is to estimate the impact of unexpected downtime on your business. This is especially useful when considering a preventive maintenance program or a crane modernization.

The Downtime Calculator is especially useful when considering a preventive maintenance program or a crane modernization.The calculator assesses four kinds of costs in total. Employee costs include all production-related workers who cannot do their jobs without the use of the crane. Production costs involve, for example, the value of the product produced expressed as either lost revenue or lost profits. Internal repair costs entail all processing costs such as parts ordering, expediting orders, invoicing and administrative support, among others. Last, opportunity costs are the costs paid/incurred for not doing the operation.

The calculator is available in 12 major currencies, including the euro, United States dollar and Chinese yuan. There is also a feature that allows results to be printed or saved as a pdf.  The tool is indicative only and is meant to provide guidance.  As such, the actual cost of downtime may differ based on a customer’s specific circumstances.


Text: Gino de la Paz
Photo: Konecranes