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yourKONECRANES – transparent information on your crane assets

May 10, 2017

The portal has made it much easier to manage our assets and offers us greater insight into exactly how our money has been spent. This helps up to plan future proactive or reactive works around our business needs. I’ve been very impressed with the ease and user friendliness of yourKONECRANES.           -John M. Govan, Works Systems Manager for Cummins Darlington

Cummins Engine Plant in Darlington, UK, recently signed a maintenance agreement with Konecranes, and yourKONECRANES was a major factor in their decision. Their parent company, Cummins Inc., has 27 locations all over the globe set up on the customer portal. With yourKONECRANES, users at Cummins can view detailed information and history on any of their more than one hundred crane assets in an instant.

Whether for a single unit of equipment or an entire fleet, yourKONECRANES gives users easy online access to their assets’ service information. The customer portal streamlines the data into easy-to-read graphs and charts in a single location.

In addition, as usage data from the TRUCONNECT remote monitoring service and maintenance data and asset details from Konecranes’ proprietary MAINMAN maintenance software are linked, users get a detailed and transparent view of events and activities over any selected time interval.

The overview and activity page provide a summary showing safety and production risks; a TRUCONNECT alerts summary; and service activities that can be sorted by risk type.

At present, about 24,000 users in 14 countries are connected to yourKONECRANES

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Text: Patricia Ongpin Steffa
Image: Konecranes