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Optimizing RTG delivery

February 1, 2017

Thanks to clever logistics, Konecranes recently carried out an RTG delivery defined by reduced emissions, increased efficiency and cost savings.

In a recent delivery from Gdynia, Poland to Togo Terminal in the Port of Lomé, West Africa, Konecranes transported RTGs (Rubber Tired Gantry) in an efficient manner that decreased emissions and resulted in cost savings. As is the case with any delivery, transportation logistics depends largely on the type of order and on customer demands.  In this instance, by modifying the structure of the cranes, Konecranes was able to ship double the number of cranes on one vessel.

“The cranes needed to be fully erected and then modified into semi-erected mode. When the cranes are in semi-erected mode, lifting, driving and positioning them onto the vessel presents a different kind of challenge. We are constantly trying to innovate and find new ways to improve our supply chain solutions,” says Pekka Puntila, Logistics Manager of Port Cranes at Konecranes.

When it comes to the delivery and shipping of components and parts, Konecranes is always looking to utilize the most sustainable solutions.

“By using all the space on the deck and by reducing the need for transportation at each phase of the logistics chain, we were able to decrease the total emissions from logistics. Lifecycle thinking is a cornerstone of our environmental work, and we are committed to continuously improving our environmental performance by focusing on energy efficiency, logistics, emissions and material selection,” adds Satu Kaivonen, Environmental Specialist, Konecranes Global Corporation.


Text: Alex Yletyinen
Photos: Biglift

3 Facts

  1. Togo Terminal is located in the Port of Lomé, which acts as a gateway to Western African countries.
  2. The RTGs are equipped with smarter cabin offering improved ergonomics, visibility and safety. They also come with technology such as Autosteering, a driver aid that keeps the crane on a pre-programmed, straight path.
  3. Togo Terminal has a total wharf length of 850 meters. The terminal loads and unloads shipments 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.