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Consultation services bring operational cost savings over time

April 20, 2016

Saku Aspelin works as a Product Manager, Consultation Services at Konecranes.

Remote monitoring and Industrial Internet technologies are increasingly being used to facilitate service. How important are specialist, on-site assessments by professionals today?

Our consultation products mainly respond to the needs of an aging crane fleet, or target an individual concern that a crane owner might have. Because remote monitoring is a luxury of newer cranes, our assessments and studies are very important when solving problems or when planning the future needs or the modernization of older equipment.

We also go more in-depth into the true condition of the crane and its components than is achievable through remote monitoring. This helps in making the equipment safer and more productive by planning repairs, overhauls, modernization and service with a better understanding of the equipment’s status.

What are Konecranes consultation services and what types of customer concerns do they address?

We have products targeting single components, such as ropes, rails and hooks, as well as the crane as a whole. In short, we provide answers for all of our customers’ crane concerns – from building future roadmaps for their entire crane fleets, to solving individual problems causing production, reliability or safety issues. Calculating the status of crane design life is a crucial part of many of our products. Because inspections alone can only tell current condition, design life calculations give us the ability to draw conclusions on what is going to happen in the future.

At which point in the lifecycle of equipment are consultation services relevant?

Every crane is designed for a certain number of lifts and running hours, depending on its classification, so future needs assessments typically arise when these design constraints are reached. On the other hand, a single concern might trigger the need just as well: for example, an alignment issue contributing to wheel and rail wear, or the need for consultation to lengthen the life or assess the condition of a wire rope.

What are examples of concrete benefits customers can gain from these services?

The benefits vary, from solving a single issue that could lead to premature component wear and failures, to helping point out areas where modernizations may help improve operation. We have the tools, technology and processes to reveal the root causes of many issues and concerns. And owing to our global network of experienced specialists, customers can benefit from our services in any part of the world.


Text: Patricia Ongpin Steffa
Photo: Niklas Sandström

Fast File

  • Saku Aspelin is responsible for managing the Consultation Services offering of Konecranes globally.
  • He has also held positions in R&D and Global Product Management.
  • Aspelin started his career with Konecranes as a technician in 2002.