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CRM Sales: Customer Understanding Supports Mutual Success

July 1, 2015

“Increasing understanding enhances our ability to find out what can be improved. We can then help our customers to be more successful in their own businesses.”

Timo Toni, Director, Sales Development

What does ‘CRM sales’ mean?

Customer relationship management (CRM) sales is a development under the Konecranes strategic initiative. We are implementing a systematic approach to sales and account management by facilitating our CRM sales tool. In a nutshell, this tool develops our level of customer understanding by adding dialogue and communicative listening to the sales process. The tool is not a product – it’s a working method.

What kind of a team works with CRM sales in Konecranes?

The team has been growing over recent years. The planning started in 2008 and a team of ten people was analyzing the sales process at Konecranes. Soon the idea of changing the way we work expanded widely inside the organization. At this point, over two thousand people have learned how to use this tool as part of their daily work. The education within our organization is constant and global. It is done at every level of management and concerns all Konecranes’ customers. The CRM sales tool offers a standardized way to introduce new functionalities to people working with account management and sales.

How does the customer benefit from this working method?

It helps both our own organization and our customers. We learn to understand their business and their needs better. Increasing understanding enhances our ability to find out what can be improved. We can then help them to be more successful in their own business. From the sales point of view we can develop strong customer relationships and deep customer insight. Feedback from our customers helps us to develop our ways of working even further.

How has the culture of selling changed lately?

The traditional way of selling doesn’t work in the modern world. The culture is more social and also fact based than before. You have to have an active and continuous dialogue with your customers. At the account management level you are then able to focus on the issues that are truly worthwhile.


Text: Venla Pöyliö
Photo: Riitta Supperi

Fast File

  • Timo Toni is responsible for developing sales, sales management, account management, concepts and processes.
  • He travels a great deal in Europe and Asia, helping Konecranes managers to discover and implement new ways of working.