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Forging a new era

February 2, 2016

Panu Routila is Konecranes' new President and CEO.

How have you taken to the role of President and CEO at Konecranes?

I have entered the Konecranes story at an extremely interesting moment. One aspect of this is the ongoing merger with Terex Corporation, of course, with all the discussions and decisions it has brought forth.

The future of the company presents so many different avenues of very great potential, and the task before us is to make sure that we select and proceed with those that fulfill the needs of our customers, our investors, and our people. While it’s a complex situation, I feel extremely enthusiastic and inspired about working through it.

How would you define your personal approach to the position?

I have solid experience in the industrial sector, but have also enjoyed a parallel career in the world of finance, which gives me what feels like an interesting perspective.

In general, I’d have to say that I’m a strong believer in the need to excel in industrial operations. Whatever the field of activity, that requirement is always foremost in my mind. Things like product quality, delivery performance, and highly developed process thinking are hugely important to me.

How will this background affect your management style at Konecranes?

Coming in as an outsider helps you to see things from another point of view. You might say it brings some objectivity. And while there are tough decisions involved, some even necessitating cutbacks in certain areas, I hope to build a legacy of investment. More than anything else, I want to invest in people, in technology, and in the company’s future as a technology leader. And all this to ensure that we can serve our customers with world-class products and service.

What do you see as the company’s most significant assets?

We have great products, underpinned by great technologies. And we have a strong services business, demonstrating customer intimacy, and highlighting the fact that we understand them and are in a position to fulfill their needs.

Despite the challenges of a fiercely competitive marketplace, we see certain regions and specific product segments where the potential for growth certainly still exists. In the end, our customers want to have long-term, financially sound suppliers and contractors. Guiding our operations back onto a profitable, growth-focused heading should help reinforce our reputation as a stable, long-term partner for them.


Text: Ian Fenton
Photo: Tuomo Manninen


Fast File

Panu Routila joined Konecranes as President and CEO in November 2015.

  • He transferred from Ahlström Capital, one of Finland’s largest investment companies, where he occupied the role of President and CEO from 2008 onwards
  • Mr Routila’s CV also demonstrates expansive industrial experience, including leadership positions at Outokumpu and Partek.