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The Core of Lifting

March 29, 2017

Svend Videbaek, Marketing, Business Area Port Solutions at Konecranes, explains the Core of Lifting, a vital concept for understanding how the company operates.

What is the Core of Lifting?

The Core of Lifting is the core package of motor, gearbox and control system at the heart of every crane that we sell. We keep the design and manufacturing of these components in-house, and have done so since the 1930s. That’s an important distinction in the marketplace, and so we have a real duty to emphasize it.

How is it visible in practice?

The Core of Lifting begins with how the smallest component is made, and extends outwards to everything we do. Unlike many of our competitors, who buy in generic key components (motors, gears, controls) and assemble them for cranes, we are able to take complete responsibility for the final product’s performance in its totality.

What benefits can this provide?

Well, we can start with sizing the crane, how its key components are made and fit together. Our approach prevents the uneven dimensioning, or incorrect sizing, of components, which can lead to weight imbalance, a slower dynamic response, and higher inertia – all problems that can disrupt a crane’s lifecycle.

But to speak more generally, the main benefit is that we know exactly in which conditions our dedicated components will be used. This is why we are able to engineer and integrate every structural layer of the machine to work together in harmony. Every design decision is made consciously to serve a calculated whole.

Now that it is being highlighted across the organization, how do you see the concept’s future?

Well, when you think about it, the Core of Lifting provides the foundation of how, as a company, we are pushing lifting technology forward. With deep knowledge of a crane’s core components, we are able to develop deep software intelligence for crane control, which – as you’ve probably read elsewhere – can have a positive impact on our customers’ businesses.

Konecranes is thus able to push the boundaries of what cranes, and lifting equipment as a whole, can do for our customers. On the foundation of the Core of Lifting, we are already building the next generation of lifting.


Text: Ian Fenton
Photos: Konecranes