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Efficient and economical DAV inverter replacement

March 4, 2015

DAV inverters are original components of a former generation of Konecranes’ variable speed drives used for Konecranes motor control. Replacing these with their modern equivalent, the D2V, used to be a long,  expensive affair. Now, the process has been streamlined and  the solution tailored, giving crane owners a far more effective option when they face a breakdown.

The DAV-D2V upgrade is a pre-engineered solution simplifying what was previously a highly intricate, multi-channel process. We recognized our customers’ difficulties, so we revamped the service entirely, enabling fast delivery and fast installation.There’s also a complete set of manuals for the replacement process.

In short, the solution enables a smooth transition to a new generation of inverters, and improves a crane’s operational reliability thanks to the increased availability of spare parts.

Key advantages

  1. The replacements supplied have  been tested in crane applications thereby increasing the safety and reliability of the product.         
  2. Reduction in risks associated with the breakdown of components, including spare part availability issues, replacement time, and machine downtime.                          
  3. Easier  commissioning, less downtime and less risk of the component being installed incorrectly because of pre-set parameters.


Author: Raheel Farhat, Project Manager, Konecranes Products and Services Development