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October 24, 2017

The Core of Lifting is the heart of Konecranes’ thinking when it comes to components and their compatibility. In contrast to other crane providers who buy generic components – such as motors, gears, controls – and combine them, Konecranes has greater control over the performance of the final product in its totality. 

Uneven dimensioning can lead to weight imbalance, a slower dynamic response, and higher inertia – all of which can disrupt a crane’s lifecycle. This can be prevented when components are sized to work together without further adaptation. 

LNC 225

The LNC 225 gearbox, seen here with a rope drum, is a prime example of the Core of Lifting at work. This is a critical component of our Active Load Control system, which is designed to eliminate container sway on Konecranes container cranes – such as the RTG, RMG, ARMG, ARTG, among others – as they work in container stacks at container ports. The two components shown are designed and made to work together in perfect balance.

KHW 325 

The KHW 325 gearbox forms a vital part of the structure of a Konecranes RTG crane. There are eight of them on a 16-wheel Konecranes RTG, two rubber tires per gearbox, a unit called a “bogie”. The bogies on a Konecranes RTG can turn individually, making it easy to move the RTG from one container stack to another.

Text: Ian Fenton
Photos: Konecranes