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The SMARTON emergency lowering system

September 16, 2015

The SMARTON Emergency lowering system is a safety-enhancing add-on feature that allows a crane operator to lower the load in a precisely controlled manner in case of a power outage or inverter failure.

The emergency lowering operation is done with a simple push button control. The crane operator can pause and resume the lowering when needed. The emergency lowering speed is low and steady and thus the lowering motion is easy to control. 

As an added back-up safety feature the emergency lowering speed is automatically monitored at all times, and if the speed limit is reached, the lowering will be stopped automatically.

Significant safety benefits

The system brings significant safety benefits in high-security industrial environments, in magnetic material handling, or when working with hazardous industrial materials. The lowering technology is based on using capacitors to transform the hoisting motor into a generator, which converts loads’ potential energy into electricity during the lowering. The excess electricity is then transformed into heat energy.

Key advantages

  1. The system allows the crane operator to execute a smooth and controlled emergency lowering of a load in case of a power outage.
  2. Emergency lowering can be paused and resumed if needed.
  3. The system offers added protection for loads, the crane equipment, and the surrounding buildings and people.


Author: Lari Heikkilä, Product Engineer, Konecranes Business Supplies and Equipment