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Amateurs of all ages test Konecranes’ Remote Operating Station at Teknologia17

November 8, 2017
“Operating the crane was easy, and it was fun to do it with this kind of controller.”

 -- Aaro, 8 years old

“It was quite cool to operate the crane. It was not hard at all, even though I’ve never operated a crane before.”

-- Terttu Hautamäki, ABB

“It wasn’t difficult to operate this crane. This type of arrangement with the operating station being separate from the crane itself brings many opportunities. For example, this would be great if the crane needs to be in a place which is dangerous or uncomfortable for the operator.”

-- Aki Sysimetsä, Kone Industrial

Konecranes exhibited some of its latest solutions at the leading technology event in the Nordic countries, the Teknologia17 Fair, which took place in Helsinki on October 10 to 12, 2017. A favorite among visitors of the Konecranes stand at Teknologia17 was a remotely operated industrial crane.

Guests of various ages were drawn by the opportunity to play tick-tack-toe with the crane, which was physically located 50 km away from the fair, at Konecranes’ testing center in Hyvinkää. The remote operating station was connected to the crane over a secure virtual private network (VPN), allowing fair attendees to experience the ease of operating the crane remotely.

Konecranes’ fully automated cranes with Remote Operating Stations (ROS), are already in active use at industrial sites like waste-to-energy facilities. By separating the operator from the crane, processes can take place more safely and efficiently. In an otherwise automated process, the operator tends to the crane only when human intervention is needed.

Other applications include port operations, where traditionally, an operator must be physically present to drive each respective crane, and may have to wait, sometimes for hours, to perform specific tasks. Remotely controlled industrial cranes allow for fewer workers to tend to multiple cranes, and enable them to be more productive at the same time. The operating station, no larger than a conventional office desk, fits easily into an office environment.

Find out more about Konecranes’ Remote Operating Stations here.


Text and photo: Maria Kozhinova