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Faster problem solving and improved safety with TRUCONNECT

August 30, 2017

The number of equipment units connected to the TRUCONNECT remote monitoring service exceeded 14,000 in the first quarter of 2017, and it’s only continuing to rise. TRUCONNECT is a suite of remote service products and applications that provide visibility on crane usage, supporting maintenance operations.

“The cranes’ maintenance cycles can range between two to four weeks, so previously it could take us up to a month to get insight into their condition. Now, with TRUCONNECT, we have automatic access to data and receive notifications of issues quickly. 
There was a case a few weeks back where TRUCONNECT notified us of a hoist overload in one of the cranes. With the system in place, I could find out exactly when and where the overload had taken place, and address the issue immediately, making sure the problem would not recur. It’s a good example of how remote monitoring helps us correct issues promptly, ensuring safety.
The main benefits are increased safety and a greatly improved overview of the equipment. We’re able to respond to problems much faster. At the same time, we are only in the early stages of using TRUCONNECT. There is even more potential to be uncovered, when we can integrate more detailed data of the cranes, such as information about brakes and other components. There’s a lot more we can do in the future.”

Ilkka Hurskainen, Crane and Electrical Technician, Holmen Paper

Companies that use TRUCONNECT, like Holmen Paper in Sweden, benefit from valuable information such as their equipment’s running time, work cycles, motor over temperatures, emergency stops and brake condition. Also, with TRUCONNECT Remote Support, they have 24/7 access to crane experts and specialists offering problem solving and troubleshooting. This helps reduce unplanned downtime even further.

Using sensors to collect data, TRUCONNECT serves as an important building block in delivering Lifecycle Care in Real Time. Lifecycle Care is Konecranes’ comprehensive and systematic approach to maintenance, supported by world-class tools and processes. 

Businesses from various industries in more than 40 countries are gaining advantages in safety and productivity with TRUCONNECT. The service can monitor both Konecranes and non-Konecranes equipment –  from overhead cranes, port cranes and application-specific cranes to lift-trucks.

Photo: Konecranes