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Financial ease and security with Konecranes RENTALL

August 8, 2017

Konecranes RENTALL is a convenient, new, rental service, where instead of buying, the customer has the option of renting a crane for a fixed period of time--typically three to seven years. It’s all about offering customers flexibility in their operations with predictable costs.

With the new Konecranes RENTALL service, customers pay a fixed monthly fee and ownership of the crane remains with Konecranes. Preventive and routine maintenance, repairs, parts replacement, 24/7 on-call service, and TRUCONNECT Remote Monitoring are all included in the monthly fee.

“Businesses are intrigued by the ease of renting and the financial flexibility of the service,” says Raine Jussila, Product Manager of Konecranes RENTALL.

Jussila says that feedback from customers so far has been positive, encouraging the launch of the service into other markets. Konecranes RENTALL is now available in Finland, Sweden, Norway, the UK, Singapore and Australia.

Cranes are essential for setting up new production or upgrading existing facilities, but they are also a considerable financial investment, especially for smaller businesses. While Konecranes RENTALL is suitable for businesses of all sizes, so far, demand has been especially strong among small- to medium-sized companies, Jussila notes.

“With the rental service, the crane is not as big of an investment, but rather, a regular monthly operating expense. Smaller businesses appreciate this alternative to purchasing a crane and being able to pay smaller monthly installments rather than having to make a significant capital investment.”

In addition, the service results in more manageable equipment costs and more time for businesses to focus on the core business, Jussila emphasizes. If there are changes to production, the crane can be upgraded.

Contributing to the circular economy

At the end of the fixed rental period, customers have the option of either continuing the rental agreement, buying the crane at a price stipulated at the start of the rental period, or returning the crane to Konecranes.

Jussila sees potential in extending the lifecycle of the rental-fleet by reusing the most essential and valuable parts from the cranes:

“Contributing to the circular economy is important for Konecranes, and this service definitely has the potential of facilitating that through the possible reuse of components from the cranes. This however, depends on how many customers choose to buy the cranes and how many opt to return them,” he explains.