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Heightening nuclear safety

October 10, 2014

The State Enterprise Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant in Lithuania has an impeccable track record in terms of safety, and preserving this is of paramount importance.

Having suspended energy production at the end of 2009, the power plant has since been in the decommissioning phase. Nuclear spent fuel must be moved from the plant to an interim storage facility via fuel handling casks.

The project of modernizing the cask cranes that will transport the spent nuclear fuel casks from the spent fuel pool is now underway with Konecranes’ SuperSafe™ patented single-failure-proof trolley design at its core. This technology increases peace of mind by combining multiple redundant features, fail-safe operator controls, and a hoist block that is designed to enhance safety, lowering the load to the floor without power or air.

The modernization work on the cranes will be completed by the end of 2015.

Above: Konecranes’ SuperSafe™ patented single-failure-proof trolley design

“Ignalina chose us as a partner for three reasons,” says Nicholas Bellwood, Konecranes’ Sales Director Nuclear, Europe. “They had confidence in us, founded on our reputation worldwide. We demonstrated that we could deliver on time to support a demanding schedule, and our nuclear fuel-handling equipment is among the safest on the market today.”


Text: Ian Fenton
Photo: Konecranes