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How to bring customers to the core of digitalization

December 20, 2017

Launched by DIMECC, an innovation hub for digitalizing industry in Finland, the Connected Industry Ecosystem is a visionary platform that enables leading Finnish companies to create new products, services and business models out of supply chain data. Konecranes is a vital part of this undertaking, with Executive Vice President, Technologies, Juha Pankakoski acting as the ecosystem’s chairman.

As digitalization shifts the manufacturing industry’s value chains towards networks, competition is likewise moving from individual products and services towards value networks built around customers’ needs. The vision of DIMECC’s Connected Industry Ecosystem is to transform the increasing amount of supply chain data into new business models, bringing added value to customers.

“Connected Industry makes it possible, for example, to connect current manual cranes to a fast mobile broadband and thus become part of a digital factory. Konecranes wants to be in a leading position when logistics processes are enhanced with new data,” says Juha Pankakoski. “This can radically broaden our existing business models and the role of Konecranes from product manufacturer towards system integrator, helping customers in many new ways.”

Pankakoski, who also acts as chairman of Connected Industry, says that DIMECC is an excellent platform to boost systemic change in a collaborative manner. “We have 2,000 top experts in this community and together we are DIMECC,” he continues.

In addition to Konecranes, key participants in this project are Finnish companies such as Cargotec, Fastems, HT-Laser, Nokia, Ponsse, Prima Power, Raute, SSAB and Tieto. In this platform, groups combine their strengths and share their data to develop products and services, where customer needs are placed at the core. Artificial intelligence is applied to companies’ activities, and standards are established to enable data sharing between organizations.

“Connected Industry brings together leading machine builders and providers of digital solutions, components and services. We want to be in the front line of connected industry where traditional supply chains are replaced by systemic value creation,” shares Harri Kulmala, CEO of DIMECC.

The ecosystem is supported by the participating companies and Tekes, the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation.

Photo: Shutterstock
Text: Otto Köngäs