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Industrial Internet Now

April 8, 2015

Sensors and intelligent systems are becoming more common in industrial material handling and manufacturing. This development brings us closer to a not-so-distant future where automated industrial machines interact with each other. In response to this inevitability, Konecranes approaches the industrial internet as a highly relevant trend which will open up enormous possibilities for businesses to take advantage of in the area where technology and industry meet.

A central action towards this in 2014 was the launch of Industrial Internet Now, a website that discusses future-oriented perspectives and possibilities related to technology, data, safety and productivity. Konecranes aims to promote discussions on the industrial internet by sharing views from selected external experts in business, research, and industry as well as experts on these subjects from its own ranks. The site is updated weekly.

So far, Industrial Internet Now has focused on topics such as the types of benefits the industrial internet brings to port operators, or how it could improve safety in the steel industry. The effects of technological advancements and remote predictive maintenance on the waste-to-energy sector as well as the concept of industrial ecosystems are other areas that offer huge potential for the future.

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Text: Markus Karlqvist