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Konecranes STORE gives you 24/7 access to crane parts

May 30, 2017

The Konecranes STORE is a webstore that offers a wide range of spare parts and components for many makes and models of overhead cranes and hoists. You can conveniently browse the STORE for products, or search for your needed part using its name or part number.

From hoists and components to guides and safety labels, as well as part manuals, Konecranes STORE offers an array of Konecranes products. And with its genuinely responsive design, you can view the STORE easily on your mobile phone or tablet.

The items offered in the STORE are specific to the user’s country and are shipped from the local distribution center. Registering or signing in allows you to view the most up-to-date information on availability, lead times, and prices, as Hannu Ylisiurua, eCommerce Manager at Konecranes explains:

“The information on available stocks and delivery times that you see in the STORE is the exact same information that our customer service would get if you were to call them. With the STORE you can order parts quickly there and then, no need to wait or find the time to make a phone call.”

Fast and easy to use

You can also save your shopping list for sharing, or to handily repeat a previous order. What’s more, the STORE gives you quick access to parts manuals for your assets, which can easily be searched and viewed online.

“With the STORE, we're giving our customers more choices. We truly believe you will find the STORE quick and effortless to use,Ylisiurua asserts.

At the moment, orders are invoiced to the payer registered on the account. Payment by credit card will be available in the USA in June, and later this year in other countries.

To access the STORE, go to or visit the Konecranes site for your country. The webstore is currently available for Konecranes customers in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK, Germany, and Finland, and soon in Singapore, China, France and Scandinavia.


Text: Patricia Ongpin Steffa
Image: Konecranes