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Pulling out all the stops for the 1000th Konecranes RTG

November 16, 2016

This year marks the delivery of the 1000th Konecranes Rubber Tired Gantry (RTG) crane. As was the case with the first, as well as with the 500th, the 1000th RTG was delivered to Konecranes’ customer, the Georgia Ports Authority (GPA). The special crane was presented to an excited audience taking part in the landmark event. 

Konecranes and the GPA, owner and operator of the Port of Savannah, decided to celebrate the milestone and highlight the longstanding partnership between Konecranes and the GPA with a celebration at the Garden City Terminal in Savannah, Georgia, US.

“Konecranes and the GPA have grown substantially together. Both parties were excited to celebrate the 1000th Konecranes RTG and the remarkable history and future that our companies have,” says Tuomo Paukkula, General Manager, RTG Cranes, at Konecranes.

As the provider of the GPA’s RTGs and ship-to-shore cranes, Konecranes is a major partner to the GPA. With 22 ship-to-shore cranes (soon to be 26) and 146 RTGs, the Garden City Terminal is furnished with more pieces of Konecranes equipment than any other container terminal in the world. It is the fourth-busiest container terminal in the United States.

“The GPA has an outstanding business relationship with Konecranes. Through their quality and ability to deliver, Konecranes has proven multiple times to be one of our most trusted vendors,” Griff Lynch, Executive Director of GPA, emphasizes.

A touch of American pride

The real honorary guest, the 1000th RTG crane itself, received a makeover prior to delivery, courtesy of Danish graffiti artists Lars Pedersen and Henrik Hansen. The duo embellished the crane with the stars and stripes of “Old Glory” in honor of its recipient.

“We wanted to make the 1000th crane truly memorable, to mark the importance of the occasion. It was also important for the GPA that the crane expressed a sense of national pride, which is why we decided to incorporate the features of the United States flag,” explains Paukkula.

Approximately 100 guests attended the celebration, including professionals from the ports and logistics industries, writers for various local and trade publications, and local broadcast media. A light show, projected onto the reveal of the 1000th RTG, wrapped up the festivities.

“This was a celebration in honor of our partnership with the GPA, but also a celebration of the Konecranes people who have made it all possible and contributed so greatly to the development of the crane,” notes Paukkula. 

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Text: Nina Lindqvist
Photos: GPA Savannah and Stephen B. Morton