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Reliable automated horizontal transport from quayside to container yard with the A-SPRINTER

October 18, 2017

How can container terminals handle the increasing number of containers transported on ever larger container ships while keeping eco-efficiency in mind? The Konecranes Noell Automated Sprinter Carrier (A-SPRINTER) can be a big part of a good answer. 

The Konecranes Noell A-SPRINTER is a 1-over-1 automated straddle carrier specializing in horizontal transport between the quayside and the container yard.  It will appeal to developers of greenfield automated container terminals.

It is based on the design of the manual Konecranes Noell Sprinter Carrier, known for its high maneuverability, robustness and reliability. It also benefits from the long heritage of manual Konecranes Noell Straddle Carriers, renowned for their excellent diesel-electric drive system, their maneuvering precision and reliability.

A-SPRINTER is provided as a complete automated horizontal transport system including a local position detection system, interchange and fence control, remote operating stations, software and project management.

With A-SPRINTER for horizontal transport, container terminal operators can realize a competitive edge within automated container terminal operation – be it in combination with automated straddle carriers, automated RMG cranes or automated RTG cranes.

Here are more advantages:

  1. Latest drive technology, variable motor speeds and integrated power management help to bring down operating costs and increase eco-efficiency.
  2. Excellent handling, acceleration and speed to enable efficient and safe container transfer.
  3. Direct drive units and high-quality components allow for reduced maintenance.


Text: Gino de la Paz
Photo: Konecranes