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The clearest view in intermodal container handling

July 3, 2017

The BOXPORTER RMG is built using a modular design approach that provides the efficiency benefits of standardization while offering opportunities for tailoring with optional features.

The clearest view

Optimized cabin position offers superb visibility for every container move, intended to improve safety and productivity.

Smart cabin

Video technology and an advanced graphical user interface give the operator pinpoint control. The cabin monitor displays control information allowing an extended view of the handling action.

Steady drive

BOXPORTER comes with Active Load Control (ALC) designed to eliminate container sway, allowing the operator to move the spreader, not the crane, when carrying out the loading and unloading tasks.

Core of lifting  

Key components like motors, gearboxes and the control system are all designed -house. This contributes to increased reliability and longer crane life.


The BOXPORTER RMG comes with TRUCONNECT®, a connectivity service that brings together all relevant crane usage data for informed decision-making through a single interface, This provides the operation and service managers with the clearest view into operations.

Freedom to choose

Modularity gives an opportunity to choose the rail span and operational width. The crane is delivered in three sizes, S, M and L, with different lifting heights, to cater for all operational needs.


Photo: Konecranes
Text: Mette Bremer