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The largest gantry crane in the Nordics arrives in Finland

November 15, 2017

Konecranes delivery of 1,200-ton Goliath gantry crane to the Meyer Turku shipyard in Finland is currently under process. The main girder has been put into place, and this time-lapse video offers a glimpse of the work required to erect the largest gantry crane in the Nordics.

At 120 meters, the Goliath will be the tallest crane operating in the Nordics. Towering fifteen meters higher than the old crane, Konecranes new gantry crane is the crown jewel of a EUR 185 million investment program underway at Meyer Turku. The new crane enables further industrialization while increasing output capacity at the shipyard. The Goliath is equipped with Konecranes TRUCONNECT® Remote Monitoring, which helps to reduce unplanned downtime even in the harshest operating conditions It will be handed over in spring 2018. 

The continued collaboration between Konecranes and Meyer Turku also brings benefits to the existing 40-year-old 600-ton crane, built by Konecranes in 1976. The lifetime of Turku shipyard’s “grand old lady” has been extended through a refurbishment and modernization program as part of the project.   

Working side by side, the new 1,200-ton gantry crane and the old 600-ton crane will triple the shipyard’s daily lifting capacity, allowing for the construction and lifting of bigger blocks with more outfitting installed. Together the cranes will increase efficiency and work to secure reliable and smooth operations at the shipyard.


Text: Kristian Orispää
Photos and video: Joona Stenholm