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The most read WayUp articles in 2017

January 10, 2018

Some of 2017’s most captivating discussions in lifting and manufacturing involved practical tips and handy solutions to everyday challenges, but also revolved around innovations that offer new possibilities. Here are the five most popular WayUp articles from the past twelve months.

5. How to prevent side pulling on cranes and hoist

Overhead crane hoists are typically designed to lift objects vertically. Operators, however, sometimes attempt to make a side pull, or use the hoist horizontally to lift an object that is not directly underneath it.

“Konecranes’ Side Pulling Prevention Kit is intended to protect the crane from the harmful effects of side pulls; side pulls cause wear to components, so preventing it could lead to increases in both the safety and the lifetime of the components,” said Jukka Paasonen, Director, Global Technical Support and Quality in Service at Konecranes.

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4. Four benefits of crane operator training

The majority of crane accidents are caused by human error, making training a key priority for crane-dependent industries. Crane operator training is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to improve safety and productivity. Jim Lang, General Manager at Konecranes Training Institute walked us through the benefits of these sessions.

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3. Tailor-made machinery aims to provide precise control and trouble-free operation

At GCT New York, a busy container and cargo handling facility on Staten Island, customized solutions were required for the crane to meet the dual challenge of managing barge tilting and optimizing duty cycles during loading and unloading operations. Konecranes delivered specialist machines with trim, list and skew control, and cranes that can handle heavier loads. Douglas Jimenez, Director Cranes at GCT New York, explained why the specifications for the equipment were rather unusual.

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2. 3D metal printing begins to take shape

Building on its growing experience in the 3D printing of metals, Konecranes’ R&D department continued to conduct research and spread knowledge on the technology within the company. Ari Koskinen, Quality Engineer at Konecranes, discussed the advantages and possibilities offered by this relatively new manufacturing method.

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1. Rope Angle Features solve daily lifting challenges

The most read article of WayUp in 2017 explored Konecranes Rope Angle Features, which provide crane operators with handy solutions for everyday lifting challenges, from snags to load swing. Hook Centering, Snag Prevention and Follow Me features are available as a separate add-on package for standard cranes. In addition, an inclinometer makes Active Sway Control and Load Turning possible for certain cranes.

“All these features are based on measuring how much the hook has moved in comparison to the trolley,” explained Ari Lehtinen, Manager of Automation at Konecranes.

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Text: Anna Hiltunen