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The most read WayUp articles of 2018

December 21, 2018

WayUp’s top five most read stories from the past 12 months highlight innovation and present material handling solutions from a variety of industries and locations.

5. Smart cranes in the 5G economy

As Konecranes’ products become increasingly smarter and more autonomous, the company needs to be able to move more and more computing power to the edge, increase communication bandwidth and decrease latency.

As a result, Konecranes joined forces with Ukkoverkot, a Finnish operator focusing on digital connection solutions and services, to establish a private 5G LTE (Long-Term Evolution) mobile network at its premises in Hyvinkää.

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4. Innovation gives a boost to a logistics company in Tianjin

In order to help meet a daily stowage and handling capacity of 45,000 TEU (Twenty Foot Equivalent Units), China Master Logistics (CML), an integrated logistics enterprise located 3 kilometers from the Port of Tianjin, augmented its equipment fleet through the use of three Konecranes Empty Container Handlers (ECH).

“We wanted to solve the issue of increasing our business, so we acquired container handlers from Konecranes because of the quality associated with the brand,” says Zhang Tao, Deputy Manager of the Technical Department at CML.

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3. A German paper factory accelerates its production

When Schoellershammer, a German paper manufacturer specializing in high-quality packaging paper, needed a solution for moving its 45-ton paper rolls, Konecranes was ready to take on the challenge. It designed and delivered two CXT double-girder bridge cranes and two hoisting gears. As the operation required precise movements, a five-ton auxiliary hoist was also designed and delivered for the exact alignment of the paper rolls.

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2. Lifting Southeast Asia's biggest hydropower turbines with the environment in mind

Laos-based hydro engineering supplier Andritz approached Konecranes, looking for a way to safely, efficiently and responsibly position the biggest hydropower turbines in Southeast Asia. When Konecranes’ heavy-duty open winch crane project is completed in 2019, the power plant will have a total annual energy production of around 7,400 GWh.

“We chose Konecranes for the challenging task of lifting and accurately positioning turbines, generators and components because they have a world class reputation for safety and reliability,” says Harald Taubenschmid, Project Manager of Xayaburi HPP at Andritz Hydro.

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1. Next-generation STS cranes provide a model for the future

In WayUp’s most read article of 2018, Vladimir Nevsimal-Weidenhoffer proposes a new multi-trolley ship-to-shore (STS) crane concept, in coordination with Dr. Hannu Oja, Director of Port Technology at Konecranes.

The concept is designed to utilize both sides of a ship in order to increase operational efficiency, and to reduce bottlenecks and similar problems. Importantly, the proposal states that the new crane concept is not meant to replace current STS cranes, but to complement them in a symbiosis of scale.

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