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BOXHUNTER – The RTG reinvented

October 10, 2014

The Konecranes BOXHUNTER, launched in April 2014, presents a radical departure from conventional Rubber Tired Gantry (RTG) crane design.

Its cabin is located down at the truck lane, rather than at the top of the machine. In this new location, the operator sits in an ergonomic heads-up position where he can see all the activity in the truck lane up close.  At the same time, Konecranes’ advanced video and laser technology and sophisticated user interface provide total visibility over every container move.

The lower cabin location provides much improved accessibility. Climbing into the BOXHUNTER is like getting into a truck cabin. The operator can start work in a matter of seconds, with far less time and effort than in a traditional RTG.  

And the cabin isn’t the only thing that was brought down on the BOXHUNTER. The hoisting machinery is at ground level as well, making it more convenient to access for maintenance.


A lower center of gravity on the steel structure gives a lighter and more agile driving experience in gantry travel.

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To see the BOXHUNTER in action, click on the video below. 


Text: Patricia Ongpin Steffa
Photo & video: Konecranes